• Start learning implantology with real hands-on courses

    The Trinon Collegium Practicum has developed Continuous Education courses since 2003 and helped over 1000 dentists to gain real hands-on experience in dental implantology.

  • Highly-experienced supervisors give you safety and confidence

    The ecuational courses conducted by the Trinon Collegium Practicum are based on the concept of surgeon education in Europe. This means you will have a supervisor guide you in various implantology procedures

  • International teams for global education

    At Trinon Collegium Practicum we cooperate with highly experienced surgeons from all over the globe to offer our particpants various angles on implantology in dentistry

  • Minimum 30* implants in 5 days for every particpant

    The Trinon Collegium Practicum Continuous Education courses are supervised and purely practice-orientated so as to give dentists the practice needed to provide their patients with a high-standard of care *(depending on course location)

Featured Courses

  • Partners

    Since its beginning the Trinon Collegium Practicum has partnered with a variety of organisations in the medical field. This ranges from research institutes to universities in several countries.

  • Countries

    The goal of the Trinon Collegium Practicum is to make Continuous Education cross international borders and truly allow particpants to exchange their experiences while learning the practical aspects of implantology.

  • Travel

    Participants of Continuous Education course of the Trinon Collegium Practicum are expected to travel and work under various conditions. The right type of preparation is essential. Learn more in the Courses section. Find out more in the courses sections.


Dr. med. dent. Harald Glas (Austria)
...I find of benfit that one can obtain a lot ef experience compressed in this course....

Dr. Sonja Kromer (Germany)
...I looked for a course where I can implant under supervision and TCP is providing exactly such a course...

Dr. Samuel Wong (USA)
...I enjoyed it and wanted to work more...I would not object to spending a whole month there...